Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

Our Program

Our program utilizes evidence-based applied behavior analysis interventions to teach new skills and socially significant behaviors. 

Skill areas include:

  • Daily Living/Self-Help
  • Communication/Language Acquisition
  • Academic
  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Social

Our Focus

Our focus is on helping individuals learn to function independently in developmental areas where they need the most support so they can thrive alongside their same-age peers.  We also focus on school-readiness to help transitions to preschool and kindergarten be more successful.

Our program features a 1:1 direct care worker for each individual, a program manager with a master's degree in applied behavior analysis, and oversight by a board certified and state licensed behavior analyst. Each individual’s program will be custom tailored to meet his/her present needs and will be monitored and adjusted to support his/her performance.

We actively collaborate with all other therapies including: feeding, speech, OT, and physical - all of which we provide here at Therapy Matters, Inc.