Early Childhood Habilitation Program and Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

We provide the ECM program through DDD for children who:

  • Are under the age of 6
  • Have not yet entered 1st grade
  • Have an autism or at-risk for autism diagnosis

Our Program

Our program utilizes evidence-based applied behavior analysis interventions to teach new skills and socially significant behaviors. 

Skill areas include:

  • Daily Living/Self-Help
  • Communication/Language Acquisition
  • Academic
  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Social

Our Focus

Our focus is on helping children learn to function independently in developmental areas where they need the most support so they can thrive alongside their same-age peers.  We also focus on school-readiness to help transitions to preschool and kindergarten be more successful.

Our program features a 1:1 direct care worker for your child, a program manager with a master's degree in applied behavior analysis, and oversight by a board certified and state licensed behavior analyst. Your child's program will be custom tailored to meet his/her present needs and will be monitored and adjusted to support his/her performance.

We actively collaborate with your child's other therapies including: feeding, speech, OT, and physical - all of which we provide here at Therapy Matters, Inc. 


Please contact your child's DDD support coordinator to see if your child qualifies for ECM services or to ask about transferring your program over to Therapy Matters, Inc.