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Are you looking for a rehabilitation service for your young child right in the vicinity of your home? Therapy Matters, Inc. can assist you with that. Established in 2005, Therapy Matters Inc. employs skilled professionals with extensive experience ready to work with individuals. Our Occupational Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologists, and Respite and Habilitation professionals are highly qualified and educated individuals ready to help patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Your child’s life is made up of occupations, or everyday activities. These occupations include playing, learning, sleeping and resting, interacting with friends, getting dressed, and other daily activities. Many of us generally don’t think about a child’s daily occupations until he or she has challenges doing them. Everyone has occupations—from the toddler whose occupations are playing and learning, to the older child whose occupations are being a student and developing the skills to become more independent. Occupational therapy supports children of all ages—newborns to teenagers—by incorporating the occupations that are important to you and your child into the intervention process.

Occupational therapy practitioners are either occupational therapists or occupational therapy assistants. Occupational therapy practitioners serve children, youth, and their families by promoting active participation in daily activities and offering prevention, promotion, and interventions for various populations and settings. They are skilled professionals who use research and scientific evidence to ensure that their interventions help your child achieve his or her goals. With strong knowledge of a person’s psychological, physical, emotional, sensory, cognitive, and social makeup, occupational therapists can evaluate how your child’s condition (or risk for one) is affecting his or her participation in life and provide ways to overcome any barriers while using a holistic perspective.

An occupational therapist will evaluate your child (as well as the environment and the task or activity) and, with additional input from you, develop individualized goals that address resuming or pursuing things that are important to your child and family. You and the occupational therapist will then work together on an individualized intervention plan to help improve or maintain your child’s ability to perform daily activities and reach those goals. This plan will take into account what your child wants and needs to do, as well as his or her abilities, which may include modifying both the task and the environment to allow your child to be as independent as possible. 

Source: The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants help individuals develop, recover, and improve the skills needed for daily living and working. Occupational therapist assistants work under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist to assist with an individual’s treatment program. Ultimately, they provide therapy to individuals and perform support activities.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech-language Therapy is a rehabilitative service that works with patients who have problems with speech and language, including related cognitive or social communication problems. Speech Therapists assess, diagnose, treat, and help prevent communication and swallowing disorders in patients. Speech Therapists assist patients with the following:

Speech/Language Pathology Assistant

Speech and language pathology assistants (SLPAs) assist individuals with speech and language communication disorders. SLPAs perform therapy treatments under the supervision of a licensed speech and language pathologist. In fact, SLPAs recommend treatment programs and also assist planning and home instruction. agraph here.